About NS

Normandin Street International is a well-established globally-recognized cyber security multinational corporation. Normandin Street operates worldwide and is consistently ranked in Best Corporation Magazine as a “Top 50 Multinationals”. Normandin Street boasts an impressive portfolio of clients in the cyber security sector. The combined skills of Normandin Street’s management staff and field teams, together with the desire to incorporate the latest developments in quality management, cyber safety techniques, technology and virtual operational procedures enables them to provide high level and cost effective solutions to satisfy client requirements within the information industry today.

Founded in 1981

Founded in 1981, Normandin Street is headquartered in the West Indies, specifically the Nassau in the Bahamas. There are 17,900 employees working in 4 countries.  The top 5 corporate leaders average 25 years with Normandin Street and it is not uncommon for employees to have over fifteen years of service. In hiring new talent, Normandin Street seeks the best and the brightest to integrate the best of the new with the knowledge and experience of veteran staff.

What we offer…

Normandin Street delivers a full suite of cyber security devices and services across the globe. Normandin Street operates in 4 countries, the West Indies, India, China, and Africa. Normandin Street’s business operating strategy is to focus on the cyber safety, quality, and green aspects of firewalls and other security device deliverables and provide reliable and cost-effective technology support services while maintaining a proven history of successful client relationships. All projects are delivered by skilled and experienced professional and field teams with extensive knowledge and ability in the field of cyber security and technology.